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Terms of Service

All services of the Zuger Sauna & med. Massage Zimmermann are fully subject to these conditions, unless they have been amended or supplemented by written agreement .

1. General

Basically a service lasts from the Zuger Sauna & med . Massage Zimmermann 25 minutes or 50 minutes. We ask you to be on time in order to perform an efficient therapy (and because it comes at the cost of your time) .

2. Prices and Payment Conditions

Half hour treatment (25 min.) CHF 65.-  / Hour treamtent (50min.)  CHF 120.-

An appointment has to be cancelled at least 24 hours before, to prevent you from further costs.
Otherwise the full amount (100 % ) charged without a refund voucher for health insurance .

3. Health History Questionnaire

The health questionnaire with your health information and your objectives must be completed at the beginning together with your therapist. If you later remind about more health problems you have to report this immediately to your therapist. This is mandatory by the Health Law.

If you conceal a serious indication that a failure to contribute, we propose any responsibility .
The more personal information we have about you, the more individual, more efficient and effective treatment can be designed for you.
Zuger Sauna & med. Massage Zimmermann and their therapist are subject to confidentiality.

4. Insurance

Although we have a practice insurance is this a responsibility of the patient.

5. Diverse

The vouchers are valid for one year. If this were not redeemed, decompose them and the amount will not be refunded.

6. Ideenklau

We noticed that some “uninspired ” competitors (in Zug) are not in a position to make their own handwriting in design, advertising, online agenda, text and even work. We will take legal action after a certain period. An unfortunately very sad commentary and work ethic from these person.

7. Jurisdiction , Applicable Law

Jurisdiction is 6300 Zug, Switzerland.