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Can a massage cause subsequent reactions?

The goal is a positive reaction and afterwards a regulation of the organism! But this can vary individually. Depending on the type of patient and the intensity of the massage.

Does a massage hurt?

If a muscular problem is on hand and the therapist has to work there, it may be possible that this part of the body may be painful for a certain time or a soreness arises. But the client and the therapist communicate together, so that the patient can tell whether the pressure is still pleasant.

What is the difference between wellness massage and medical massage?

Wellness massage is for relaxation , listening to soft music and to relax. This is offered in any Spa Hotel and by many masseurs. It is important to know that these people are allowed to work ONLY on healthy customers. What is often not respected. In addition, these confuse the public with diplomas like dipl. Masseur, medically certified Massage Therapist, etc.) these diplomas are are not recognized and valid by the State. A pity, that massage schools attract and ripping off people with such methods.

Behind the medical massage is a solid multi-year training entitled with Medical Masseur FA/SRK (offical diploma by the Swiss Red Cross and since 2009 by the Swiss Education Department called BBT ‘s). This speaks for a high level of expertise to solve problems of the musculoskeletal system, lymphatic system and the nervous system. Only a Medical Masseur FA/SRK is able to analyze and to target the right treatment for patient with health issues.

Do I need to take off my clothes?

Since we work with special ingredients such as oil, ointment, gel on the skin, it is advisable to get rid of the clothes. The underwear can be keep on through normal therapies such as massage treatment.