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Medical Hypnosis * Hypnosis Therapy * Hypnosis in Zug with Hypnotist Eliane Zimmermann

Hypnosis is a form of short-term therapy aimed at rapid and effective, profoundly effective change.

Why hypnosis therapy works?
The most common use of hypnosis is the treatment of mental and physical disorders. For long-lasting and persistent problems a cause-oriented treatment is inevitable. By means of hypnoanalysis (which is only possible in deep hypnosis), the emotional causes can be revealed and processed in a short time. As a certified hypnosis therapist, Eliane Zimmermann works with methods that allow conclusions to be drawn about unconscious problems and processes. Direct communication with your subconscious is the most effective way to uncover the causes of the problems and make changes. The profound effect of hypnosis can also treat chronic problems and illnesses.

Hypnosis Indications?
pain disorders * sleep disorders * burnout and stress * negative habits * performance increase * peak performance in sport and business * improve self-confidence * concentration * fear and phobias * trauma * allergies and skin diseases * activate & strengthen self-healing powers


Personal Message by Dr. Norbert Preetz, Institute for Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis contraindications?
If medical diagnosis is unclear, hypnotherapy is not recommended. Symptom improvement (e.g., pain relief) could help to prevent a serious organic disease from being recognized or recognized too late.

If you are skeptical but open to convince yourself then you will be amazed at the beneficial effects of deep hypnosis and the healing powers it can release in them.

Your hypnosis appointment.
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