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Medical Massage

Medical Massage Zimmermann also at the Zuger Sauna – 6300 Zug

When we took over in 2010 the Zuger Sauna at the Lauriedhofweg 1 in Zug as the second branch, I was surprised by the effect how good sauna and medical massage harmonises together. First a sauna bath, e.g. of 15 minutes and after the cool down a good medical massage afterwards. The effect is magnificent and the musculature is supplied with blood again, in addition.

Every person is so unique that also each of our therapy forms is tuned in our physiotherapy practice to the client. With the motivation of the client and the specialist knowledge of the medical masseur there originates a team which approaches step by step the aim. On account of top sportsmen, stressed managers, truck chauffeurs, expectant mothers (pregnancy) or infants – everybody has individual needs and aims what concerns the health.

Despite of that it is more important to lay your health in the hands of a trained and by the state approved medical masseur with confederate certificate of proficiency. Therefore, we are recognised health insurance schemes!

I am glad about your visit at the Zuger Sauna and Medical Massage Praxis at the Lauriedhofweg 1 in Zug. Very central situated between 6300 Zug, Baar, Cham, Steinhausen.



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