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Connective Tissue Massage

This technology is a relatively young massage technology.
The connective tissue massage is used not only to the treatment, but also to the diagnosis by illnesses.

The basis of the connective tissue massage is of the palpation of the body tissue.
Afterwards a charm is put on the body tissue with a decreased tension by means of a special massage technology, until it comes to the tension balance.
Organs should be also influenced by the connective tissue massage in the body inside and their functions be improved. Thereby it is tried to influence lying away areas and organs beside the local effect also favourably.


Areas of application:

functional disturbances of the stomach bowel, heart circulation as well as the kidneys
Bladder system
Illnesses of the bronchia and lungs
Rheumatism and sciatic pain
Nerve damage psychosomatic fatigue
Aftercare treatment after surgery
Circulatory disorders of the legs
Menstrual cramps
Shoulder and neck pain
Migraine or tensed headache