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Foot reflexogy massage

The foot reflexogy zone massage is a very much popular massage technology.
The whole body should be influenced by the treatment of the feet.
The masseur judges the feet first by respect (state of the body issues, skin or nail conspicuities), by it by systematic feeling of the sole.
Which organs are particularly loaded, the therapist recognises by the reactions of the patient as well as by the palpation.

Then the massage of the sole begins and particularly the loaded reflex zones are treated. Importantly after every massage the postrest during the patient is 10 minutes undisturbed should lie.



Dynamic and mixed edemas
Trauma (e.g. hematomas)
Distorsion (Sprain)
Luxation (Dislocations of joints)
Muskelrupturen (muscle tears)
Disease of the central nervous system
Disease in ear, nose and throat area
Skind disease (e.g. Psoriasis, Acne etc.)
Digesteive tract diseases
Diseases of the rheumatic morphogenetic region