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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage ML / KPE

With the help of the manual lymphatic drainage the lymphatic vessels become lively therefore water from the body tissues is taken away and brought back to the blood vessels. If the lymphatic system is disturbed in his function, the body water collects in the body tissues and it comes to swells (edemas).

The therapy draught of the manual lymphatic drainage has to the aim to restore the disturbed balance between the amount from body tissues water and the efficiency of the lymphatic roads.
At the same time the immune system should be stimulated. To reach this, the unterskin body tissues is massaged with the lymphatic drainage with gentle pressure.

Application areas for manual lymphatic drainage:

  • Dynamic and mixed edema

  • Trauma (e.g. hematomas)

  • Distorsion (Sprain)

  • Luxation (Dislocation of joints)

  • Muscelrupturen (muscle tears)

  • Fractures

  • Disease of the central nervous system

  • Disease in ear, nose and throat area

  • Skin disease (e.g. Psoriasis, Acne etc.)

  • Digestive tract diseases

  • Diseases of the rheumatic morphogenetic region

Manual lymphatic drainage is a MUST after every operation !!!

The manual lymph drainage takes always one hour!

The best treatment method recommended by the boss himself.


  • Kristin Acker
  • Tino Zimmermann

Customer Feedback

  • Sarah Müller

    In the period of pregnancy, they have supported me great. I look forward each time to a relaxing massage by you. Keep it up :-)

  • Anna Meier

    After a long search, I finally found a right therapist in the region of Zug, which me also decent kneads :-)

  • Nicolas Hofer

    Super medical massage Tino! Thanks for the great support through my marathon preparations. Greets, Nico ps: The breakfast smoothie is amazing!!!