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The today’s life alarm clock is a device with 33 fine needles with which the skin is slit paper-thin. baun3-gross
This skin charm is filled with a special oil.
The treated skin area burns at first easily and it small Quaddeln (bubbles) originate. The dotting causes the following change and increase of the nervous activity and suggestion of the metabolism which serves for the restoration of the normal organ activity and with it of the health.

Generally a wholesome cosy warm feeling appears shortly after the dotting.
The blood circulation is stimulated, the Hautausdünstung is increased, pains decrease and sleeping disturbances decrease.

Areas of application:

• General pains in joints, muscles, tendons, tapes
• Chronic neuritis (trigeminal neuralgia)
• Gout , nerve and muscle rheumatism
• Otitis
• Tinnitus
• Woman complaints
• Nervous related stomach problems
• Biliary or renal colic
• Flatulence