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The fuel which us moving.

If you would buy a racehorse for CHF 100’000. What do you give to eat? Chocolate, Coke and Sandwich ‘s or about quality oats?

Diet and exercise are among other factors a key component to our health and personal lifestyle.

Nutrition respectively the food is an important part of everyday life. This involves a balanced diet in terms of customized food pyramid although this can vary also depending on the type of person. This is limited, however, not only on the supply of nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein, etc.) to growth, to maintain health, the operability and performance of our body – but food means also to develop a food culture. But what speaks against drool with high-quality food?

A major theme is the prevention of the population as part of a balanced diet and exercise. Unfortunately, I noticed that most people really have no idea what a balanced diet should be. A crash course what you should NOT eat provides almost every restaurant. – > Namely the children’s menu . If questions arise in the massage on the diet, we can draw on a large repetoir and surely give you some secrets and tips.