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Yagerian Therapy

Above all, people who can not or do not want to or can not talk about their problem can be treated with Yagerian Therapy. In addition, the Yagerian Therapy or Yagerian Code called, used for people who are not susceptible to the “normal” hypnosis.

I like to use the Yagerian Therapy / Yagerian Code in hypnosis and coaching sessions. The Yagerian Code is a powerful, ingenious and magical way to intensify and accelerate the achievement of the goal of an hypnosis or coaching session. A wonderful and effective supplement to hypnosis and coaching.


Yagerian Therapie / Yagerian Code: Short Introduction
The Yagerian Therapy / Yagerian Code works with three basic functional levels: the consciousness, the subconscious and the genius of the higher consciousness. The higher consciousness is the center and gladly supports for the improvement of human situation. The challenge lies in communicating with the higher consciousness. The Yagerian Code makes this possible in a simple, unconventional way. As a result, Yagerian Therapy can deliver amazing, life-changing results.


Dr. Edwin K. Yager, Subliminal Therapy Institute Inc.


The Yagerian Therapy uses unconscious cognitive abilities. Causes of problems can be revealed without the patient “experiencing” them as in hypnosis. In this way problems can be solved that are longtime and persistent.

The client is not put into a trance, as in hypnosis. The work of the therapy does the higher consciousness. The patient only acts as a communication bridge. In general, I recommend three to four treatments. It may well be that the treatment can be completed after two or three sessions, because the therapy goal has already been achieved.

Benefits of Yagerian Therapie


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